Posted by David Dosier on Jun 01, 2022
Good morning Rotary baseball fans.  Our inaugural World Series of Giving Regular Season is over, and what a season it’s been!  We’ve seen a few teams lead their divisions for nearly the entire season, while other divisions have had almost monthly lead changes.  And we’ve seen teams quite literally come out of nowhere to take their division’s lead.  It truly doesn’t get much more exciting than this, except. . .we now have five division winners who will be competing for the WSOG year-end trophy, during the month of June.  
Below are the final standings for each Division.
Northeast Division – And leading the way for the past 6 innings in total per capita giving, we have from the Northeast Division the Pecatonica club with nine Home Runs, at $905.56 in per member giving.  Who would have ever guessed 12 months ago that we would have a team bring this kind of scoring firepower to this inaugural season’s giving competition. . .outstanding job, Pecatonica!!!
Mid-Central Division – Representing the Mid-Central Division is the Byron club.  During their regular season, they scored a total of two Home Runs plus a Single, at $229.39 in per capita giving.  Great job Byron!
South-Central Division – From the South-Central Division, we have the Ottawa Sunrise club with two Home Runs plus a Single, at $229.88 in per capita giving.  They just nudged out the Putnam County club by less than $2 per member!  That’s some hard hitting, Ottawa Sunrise!
West-Central Division – Next in the scoring race out of the West-Central Division we have the River Cities club with three Home Runs plus a Triple, at $381.44 in per capita giving.  Well done River Cities!
Western Division – In the current number 2 spot in total WSOG per capita giving from the Western Division is the Moline club with five Home Runs plus a Single, at $526.62 per member.  As many of us remember, Moline came from close to the back of the pack just 2 months ago to take their convincing and ultimately division winning lead.  Way to go, Moline!
Each of our winning teams will be receiving their Season One commemorative Louisville Slugger baseball bats within the next couple weeks.  Let’s join in by cheering each one of our division finalists as they battle it out for ONE ADDITIONAL INNING to see which can achieve the highest total per capita giving for this Rotary Year.  Stay tuned; don’t miss a minute of the action!